Thursday, July 26, 2007

Where this came from.

Occasionally I come across articles on the web that make me scratch my head and wonder. Frequently these lead to private musings on my part about the subject. Infrequently, these musings bug me enough that I post a comment on the site if I can.

Occasionally this scenario occurs with a site that does not provide comments. Such a thing happened early in July with John Gruber's site, Daring Fireball ("One word: Newton" argh! what the heck?). Joel Spolsky recently provided a great summary of why comments can be quite a bad thing. Based on that logic I completely understand Mr. Gruber's decision to not enable comments on his site.

That doesn't help me any my musings unfortunately. I'm one of those people who tend to regurgitate ideas and chew them over and over again until I get them out and do something about it. So this shall be my place to get these nagging thoughts out of my head and written down. If Mr. Gruber ever stumbles upon this site and answers my question about just what the heck he meant back in July, then heck, I will be really happy. If that never happens, at least that thought is now written down here, instead of continuing to clang around in my head.

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